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What do my students think of Advanced English for Professionals?

When I started lessons 3 years ago I set David a challenge.  I wanted him to make my lessons dependent on my skills and how my skills will grow.  There are 2 types of teachers, one is learning step-by-step from textbooks, but David is different.  He adapts his style to my needs, because I wanted to do it a different way.  It is the basis of our lessons.  I feel more confident with my English in present days, which is very important because I travel more often than not to English speaking countries.

Jakub Jedlicka Managing Director, Casablanca Inc.

I have had lessons with David for 2.5 years.  I like the style of lessons, especially the articles he comes with.  Every time the latest and interesting stories with useful phrases and vocabulary.  We are used to discussing different topics for the first half of our lessons, with focusing on mistakes David tries to find in my talking.  David is able to describe English basic rules as well as harder grammar in such a different way to my experience from school.  I have learned a lot of business phrases I am able to use at my work.  I am also not afraid of speaking without thinking about grammar before.  Finally, I have thrown away bad habits I learned in our educational system.

Marcela Bernatova Project Manager, Sentient s.r.o

David’s lessons provide everything I need for my personal improvement.  We are not rigidly linked to one specific textbook or topic, and that’s great for me. I enjoy lessons, David is the best teacher I ever had (not only because of his unique explanation of conditionals).  If I had not visited lessons, I would not be comfortable to listen to the BBC or read something original, it feels easier now.

Martin Nosek HR Manager, Ceska Sporitelna Bank