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War is terrible part 2: 6 useful business phrases which come from weapons

As I mentioned in last week’s post, business English is full of expressions which come from war.  Last week, all of the phrases came from guns.  This week all phrases come from various weapons used in war.  All of these phrases have been chosen especially by me because they are extremely common in the business world.…

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War is terrible – 8 Business expressions which come from war

In language, there has always been a connection between business and war.  In this series of blog posts, I promise to bring you the most important business expressions taken from the terrible world of war.  Most of these should be new to you, but they are extremely common, as the business world loves idiomatic expressions.…

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Oh là là, The 7 most useful advanced English expressions which come from French!

Ever since the Norman conquest of 1066, when French armies invaded England, the English language has been very strongly influenced by French.  This influence is still very strong today, so strong in fact, that there are quite a few words in the English language which have been taken directly from French.  Here are 7 of…

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Freedom lover’s guide to the first conditional

As you may already know, a conditional sentence is made by 2 parts: 1. The if part 2. The other part. In many grammar textbooks they tell you that to form the 1st conditional you use the following structure:            If part                 other part If + present…

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Do you want to make your brain hurt? Here’s a crazy but useful conditional form which will do just that!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to how to use the first conditional in indirect speech. So, lets start from the beginning, to form the first conditional we use: IF + present simple   +     will For example: ‘If you don’t finish your work, you will have to stay late’ As you can see, this…

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2 Uses for Continuous Tenses that Students ALWAYS forget!

Many learners of English know that the continuous tense are used to talk about something which is continuing for some length of time.  This is very true, but not many learners know why this is so useful.  Here are 2 uses for conditional tenses which many students are unaware of.   1. Temporary things Present Continuous…

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The 5 best phrases to use at a business lunch, including 3 you definitely didn’t know!

Cafe and restaurant phrases are usually some of the first things you learn in English.  But it is surprising how many learners forget the basics.  Of course, if you are going for a business lunch you want to impress.  So I have put together 6 simple phrases to make those business lunches a whole lot…

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The biggest mistake English learners make with tenses, and what it sounds like when they make it!

One of the main problems non-native speakers have with English tenses is that they use the present simple too much, when they should use the present continuous.  Unfortunately using these the wrong way round can give your sentence a completely different meaning.  Here are 2 common problems that students have when they use present simple…

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My 6 favourite business phrases which come from football..

Football is the national sport in England, the home of the English language.  You may be quite surprised how many phrases we take from football which can be used in business.  Here are my top 6 favourite ones. Enjoy! To be on the ball I’m going to start with my favourite phrase here. It means…

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Do you ever struggle to find the right tense you need? Take a look at these diagrams!

Tenses are one of the hardest things to get right in English, and I always get emails asking for help with them.  I always point people to my other website,, which is full of helpful diagrams to give you the correct tense you need, without reading any rules, Here are some sample diagrams from…

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