Sound Professional in your Next Meeting with these Passive Phrases!

Many of my students have problems with using the passive, and grammar books often make this feel more complicated whenever they use long grammatical terms to describe these phrases. I have put together the most common situations when you can use passive sentences in meetings, and I promise there will be no complicated grammar terms!…

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Business Phrases Czechs get wrong in English: Care about / Take care of

I have taught Business English to hundreds of Czech learners over 5 years, and one classic phrase I often hear from them is: ‘I care about recruitment’ ‘I cared about the launch of the product.’ ‘We have some problems with the testing, but I am caring about it.’ Unfortunately, the phrase ‘care about’ is incorrect in these sentences,…

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Business Phrases Czechs get wrong in English! Part 1: Count on/with

One mistake that I always encounter from my Czech students is that they use the phrases ‘count with’ or ‘count on’ in one very common situation, which REALLY changes the meaning of what they are trying to say!  So here’s my ultimate guide to why you shouldn’t use them and what you should use instead! My students are all very…

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The BEST business phrases which come from nature, including 2 you definitely haven’t seen before!

Everyone loves a good trip into the countryside, so get yourselves ready for the best business phrases which come from nature! beat around the bush Probably my favourite phrase out of all of them here.  To beat around the bush means to avoid talking about the core of the subject.  If you want to avoid…

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How to change your English learning habits. 3 things you are doing wrong with learning English

Doing homework, reading grammar books and doing online exercises can all be useful, but do they really help to build long term habits to make your English progress? The problem I see all the time with English learners that I speak to (and I speak to a lot) is that they don’t really know HOW…

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How to confirm appointments in English, and how to avoid one classic mistake

Many students of mine have problems with confirming appointments in English, so here is my short guide to the phrases you can use both for formal or informal situations: Confirming appointments Business appointments I confirm Monday 9am is ok Ok, Monday 9am works for me Importantly here, there are a few phrases which are NOT…

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In the second week of the olympic games, here are the best 5 Business English phrases from athletics!

In the crazy world of business idioms, did you know English even has even taken phrases from the sport of athletics!?  Here are my top 5 English phrases taken from olympic sports! Dive into something To dive into something means to do something without any preparations, and without thinking about it in advance. ‘We can’t just…

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One group of verbs that English learners ALWAYS GET WRONG. Here’s how to get them right!

There are many verbs in English which are followed by an infinitive. The verbs to want and to expect are two examples: ‘I want to help you’  want + infinitive ‘I expect to see you tomorrow’  expect + infinitive However, there are also a lot of verbs in English where the preposition to is part of the verb. Where the to…

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As the world has gone Crazy for catching Pokemon, here are 4 great business phrases with the word ‘catch’!

You may be surprised to hear that the word ‘catch’ has some of my favourite business phrasal verbs and expressions.  Here is the ultimate guide to ‘catch’! catch up with To catch up with somebody literally means to reach somebody in front of you by going faster than them. In a literal meaning, if you…

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War is terrible: The final chapter. 5 business phrases which come from the army

So guys here is the final part of my ‘War is terrible’ series of posts.  This week I have the 5 most important business idioms which have their origins in the army! Enjoy! Click here for part 1 and part 2. 1. Take the flak for something Very interesting phrase here, the word flak on its…

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