My ultimate guide to describing business graphs and charts in English. Part 2: Tenses

Welcome to part 2 of my ultimate guide to describing charts and graphs!  If you missed part one where I talked about vocabulary click here.  Part two is all about the tenses you need to use, and there are a few things you need to be careful of: Describing charts in the present time: IT’S REALLY…

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Profits are soaring! My ultimate guide to describing business graphs and charts in English. Part 1: Vocabulary

  I had an email last week about talking about graphs in English.  When describing graphs and charts in English, there are many different verbs you can use to talk about trends.  Here is my ultimate guide to the vocabulary we use for this, which you will see in newspapers and financial articles all the…

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For all the bosses out there – How to give very polite instructions in English

Politeness in English is something that many learners have problems with.  When giving in instructions to new members of staff, or people you don’t know very well, it can be very important to know how to ask politely   Luckily, this can be reduced to a few small phrases in English.  Here is a list of…

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My ultimate guide to giving advice, all the possible phrases you need

Modal verbs are very difficult to get right.  I often get emails about which modal verb needs to be used in which situation.  The best way to learn modal verbs is to look at which modal verbs need to be used for which topic.  This week we will look at giving advice.  Giving advice is actually quite…

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Why the future continuous tense is VERY IMPORTANT, and what happens if you don’t use it!

I have had a few emails recently about continuous tenses, and one of them was asking me whether it was necessary to learn about the future continuous tense.  When English learners think about the future continuous tense, they often see it as one of those strange tenses which are so rare that they are probably…

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The underestimated world of conjunctions – Welcome to a really useful word group to make you sound professional…

When looking to sound more professional in English, there is a small group of words which do this so well.  Welcome to the underestimated world of the conjunctions.  Here is my guide to some conjunctions you may be missing which will make you sound very professional, I promise! Once Once has many different meanings, but…

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The 6 best business idioms which come from sport

I had an email last week about idioms in business.  Idioms are very common in the business world, but students don’t always like them because they say it doesn’t feel natural when they say them.  The key here is to say them with confidence and you will always be understood.  Below I have put together…

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6 adverbs to make you sound more professional, including 2 you are definitely NOT using!

I had an email only yesterday about the use of the word ‘thus’.  So I thought I would write a post about adverbs in general, and how they are a great tool to make yourself sound more professional in English.  Here is my guide to the 6 most professional-sounding adverbs! If you write a lot…

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The bit they don’t teach you about sentences with ‘wish’

I got an email a few weeks ago about sentences with ‘wish’.  Last week I wrote a post last week about the uses of wish sentences, but I wanted to let you know some more information about wish sentences.  When most teachers teach these sentences, they usually just talk about the part of the sentence with…

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One use of ‘should’ that you never knew about… This can make you sound very professional!

As you may know, we can use should for giving, or asking advice: ‘You should see a doctor’ / ’Should I see a doctor?’ We can also use it to talk about the possibility of something happening, when there is a good chance something will happen: ‘It should be sunny later so we can have a…

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