Habits to Boost your English in 2016 – #4 Get a Conversation Partner

Get a conversation partner, and meet/speak once per week Unless you are living in an English speaking country, it can be very difficult to actively speak English in your everyday life.  Active conversation is very important, and if you are using English as part of your job it may not be enough! Therefore if you…

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New Habits to Boost your English in 2016. #3 Watch Movies and Series in English without Subtitles

We all love watching movies and TV series, so watching movies or TV series in English is not such a difficult habit to start.  I would recommend watching at least 1 movie or 2 episodes of a TV series per week.   Movies and TV series can improve your English in many ways: They’re great…

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New Habits to Boost your English Learning in 2016. #2 Download Flashcards Deluxe App

Download the Flashcards Deluxe app, and spend 2 minutes on it per day In yesterdays post we looked at how reading is a great way to increase your vocabulary.  The other key to increasing vocabulary is to make a note of any new words that you learn as often as possible.  You don’t need to…

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New Habits to Boost your English Learning in 2016. #1 – Read in English Every Day, Here’s how to make it not boring!

The key to really improving your English is to surround yourself with English every single day.  The good news is that you don’t have to spend so much time doing it.  All you need to do is simply build basic habits into your daily routine, and here is the first one, which I promise can…

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This special tool with infinitives can really improve your English

All students of English know all about present tense, future tense and past tense, but not many learners are aware that you can actually put infinitives into the past as well! The 2 things you are probably wondering are how and why, I’m going to answer both of these questions for you, starting with why.…

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Your English teacher probably tells you that you can’t use ‘will’ after ‘if’ and ‘when’. Here is the freedom lovers’ guide to when you CAN use it

It is true that when using the following words you should be careful when you are using ‘will’: if / when  / after / until / in case. In fact, in most cases you should not use will with these words.  It is one of the stranger rules in English, and therefore it is one…

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4 Mistakes English Learners make with ‘must’ and obligation

One of the main problems that English learners have is using modal verbs correctly, and ‘must’ is no exception. Here are the main mistakes that learners make with must and why you should avoid them! Mistake #1. Saying ‘must to’ First of all, lets start with the easy ones, we NEVER say ‘must to’ Will all…

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The top 5 phrases with modal verbs you never knew existed

Modal verbs like could, should, might, may, must can be a real nightmare, and to many it can be very confusing to decide which one you need to use.  Here are some phrases you can learn straight from this article.  Below are the top 5 idiomatic phrases used with modal verbs that you may not…

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Introducing the most confusing grammar error nearly EVERY learner of English makes when they first meet someone..

Greetings and basic conversation are some of the first things you learn in any new language. And usually, learners have no problem with the basics of conversation when they first meet somebody.  But due to English’s confusing system of tenses, there seems to be one error which most English learners still make, even advanced learners, and…

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One thing you should NEVER forget if you want to sound entertaining in English

A lot of students don’t like using the past perfect tense, because it is complicated and they don’t know when to use it. But if you want to make your story sound more interesting, it is definitely something you should use. Usually when we tell a story, we talk about events in the order that…

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