2 mistakes English learners always make with ‘will’

One of the main mistakes English learners make with will is that they use it too often.  Here are 2 main mistakes learners make with will and why you should avoid them! Mistake #1. Using will to talk about your future plans It is true that we use will for most things when we are…

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The Dark Side of Conditionals: ‘If you wanted I could help you’ How to offer to do something when you don’t really want to do it…

Sometimes in conversation with a friend or a customer/client it is clear that someone wants you to help them with something, and it is usually then polite to offer to help them with it.  However, sometimes this  maybe something which would take too much time or it would be too difficult, and no-one wants to…

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Struggling with unreal conditionals? Try this different method of learning them ALL, including one you didn’t know about!

Most students hate unreal conditionals, and it is quite understandable. It is difficult to remember which conditional you need, and once you know it is difficult to remember all the forms, especially when you are trying to speak fast.  So, if you are having problems with conditionals this method can help you to impress by…

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One simple trick to make you sound like a leader when you speak English

With the huge number of different tenses in English there are SO MANY hidden tricks to use with them that learners are unaware of.  In this series of posts I aim to show you the best secret tricks to transform this inconvenient number of tenses into something that can be a real tool, a secret…

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